Vote with God

Jake had always been an avid Republican and had recently joined the Patriot Tea Party.  He was concerned for his country and didn’t want to have it said, “That for evil to triumph, good men had to do nothing. “  He was going to do something.  He went to several Tea Party rallies and respected the message and the people.  They were considerate and polite even when they were harassed by people who saw them as a threat and a nuisance.

His new church had opened his eyes as to how far he had been from God.  He had been busy in his former church, but it was mostly out of a sense of duty and not because he was hearing God’s voice.  It had been a difficult transition.  It was hard for him to let go of his old habits and guilty pleasures.

Pastor’s goal was for everyone to have an encounter with God; to hear His voice and to fall in love with Him – returning to their first love.  Jake tried, but nothing much happened.  Pastor kept saying, “You have to have ‘floor time.’  By this he meant that you had to focus on God and shut out the world.  It hadn’t worked so far, but he saw others who were aglow with the love of God and wanted it too.

This night the worship was especially good and he felt himself drawing near to God.  As He did, to Jake’s amazement God showed up!  He was amazed and sat down putting his head in his hands.  He was lost in His Presence.  The service went on but he was unaware.  The service ended and he was still in wonder at God’s love and that He was available to him personally.

After that night, everything changed.  He had no heart to watch what was going on with politics and began to ask God what He would have him do with his life.   It seemed God thought that was too big and too premature to ask at this time.  So, Jake asked God, “What should I ask?”  The reply surprised him.  “Ask me how you should vote.”

God showed him that he should just go into the polling place and as he looks at the names on the ballot, ask Him.  Jake wasn’t sure he could vote for a Democrat.  God assured Jake that He would show him who to vote for and that he would have a wonderful sense of peace as he looked at the right name.

“Father,” Jake prayed, “Give me the strength to obey what you show me and not fall back on my old ideas.  Oh, and Father, please remember that this nation was founded by people who loved you.”  He was sure that God smiled.

Today’s Lesson:  When you give your heart to the Lord, you are not your own any more.  You have been bought with a price – a very high price.  Jesus gave His life on the cross so that you could become the person you were always meant to be.  You are now a child of the Living God.  He loves you.  He knows already who will win the election and so you might as well find out how he wants you to vote.

I can hear you saying, “But what if the person I vote for doesn’t get elected, will it mean that I didn’t hear right?”  Not necessarily, it just may mean that He wanted to see if you would vote for the person He showed you.  In the long run, it is about obedience and trust.  If you have died to your old self, you really won’t care who He asks you to vote for.  A dead man has no will of his own.


One thought on “Vote with God

  1. The more time I spend with God, the more I’m seeing it’s all about trust and love. Do I love Him enough to trust him AND do I trust Him enough to love. Yes AND Yes.

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