Super Santa, Super Heroes and the Supernatural God

Santa Claus has an appeal that incites our imagination to believe the unbelievable.  He promises to fly around the world in a 24 hour period delivering presents to every good little girl and boy.  He is carted about the globe behind magic reindeer one of which has a bulbous nose that can cut through fog with its laser light beam.  Santa’s ponderous figure is said to slip easily down chimneys and past locked doors in houses that are not fortunate enough to have a fireplace.  When he enters each house, he is presented with milk and cookies which he eats and I guess that is why he is overweight.  If a family does not receive a visit from Santa because of financial setbacks, the child assumes he was not good enough and feels rejected.  None-the-less, we delight to believe in the jolly old elf, but when the day comes and we find out that he is just a myth – a fable something in the heart of the child breaks.

All this time, he thought Santa was real and true.  It does something to his imagination.  He will never really be as willing to believe in what he cannot see.  He begins to question the unseen and decides that he can conjure up any imaginary being and pretend they are real.  So, the super heroes enter his life and he develops an alter ego that can jump over buildings and save or destroy whole cities.  It is all phony but he has learned to believe in the fantasy.  Nothing in his imagination is impossible.

At Church, the Sunday School teacher talks about an invisible God who loves him and sent His only Son into the world so that he might be saved.  She tells him that God loves him very much.  She goes on to say that He was born in a manger and He is the reason for Christmas.  “Yeah, right,” he thinks!  “This is just one more fable the adults want me to believe.  I did the Santa Claus thing and this sounds just as farfetched. ”

Today’s Lesson:

Today’s world is filled with stories of Star Wars, Transformers, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, Twilight, Batman, Green Lantern and many more.  Each of them is endowed with super powers and fight battles of good and evil.  There is something in each heart that longs for power and supernatural ability.  The imagination is used to pretend superhuman strength and abilities.  It is a longing put there by God and we have an enemy who is busy trying to counterfeit it in all ages and seasons.

The good news (Gospel) is that there is a real supernatural power that is given as a free gift to all that will embrace it.  As we accept the complete work Jesus did to forgive our sins, we are put in right standing with the Creator of the Universe – yep!  He is real and not a fable.  He has provided everything that we need.  The Truth is that when you invite Jesus into your heart, you become part of the amazing family of God.

For years, the church has lived far below the privileges that God has provided them because they have embraced tradition and religion.  The Truth is that you have a new home and access to all the cool power tools that God has for you.  As you get to know Him, and He can trust you with His wonderful gifts, He gives you the power to heal the sick, raise the dead and walk on water – and much more.  It is you who gets to walk in the power of God as you yield your life to Him.  It is not just watching fake superheroes do stuff.  You join the Creator of the Universe and do amazing things.  It is a life of wonders beyond imagination.  It is a ‘Blast Life!’

Santa, Superman and the others pale in comparison to the One who creates out of nothing and loves the unlovable giving them the option of loving Him or rejecting Him.

All the pretend ‘super heroes’ have weaknesses and are self-centered or judgmental, but God opens the way to any who will choose Him to join Him and live forever past all natural reasoning and imagination.

It’s up to each one of us.  Do you want to believe the improbable and play games with pretend characters or do you want to reach past the limits of your imagination and embrace your Heavenly Father who loves you and promises you everlasting life?


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