Respect, Authority and Promotion


When Greyson started working, he was in a phone sales role and he did it with excellence.  He worked for a highly emotional woman who was political and very dangerous.  His work kept him safe.  He served her erratic whims with great attitude and respect.  When the boss left to take a job with a competitor, the owner of the company talked to Greyson.  The owner knew he was young but had watched the way he had managed himself in a difficult situation.  He took Greyson to lunch and talked to him about the responsibility of becoming a leader in the company.  There were many who were older and who had worked for the company longer.  Mr. Anderson wondered if Greyson could handle the pressure.

To test the young man, he had Greyson act as his assistant to see how he handled the various aspects of the company.   His job was to see to the needs of his boss.  Some people called him a ‘go-for’ but he saw it as a privilege.  There was never a hit of sarcasm, bitterness or disrespect.  He heard others in the office making fun of him and calling him a glorified secretary.   He never took offense and continued to show everyone respect.  His attitude was always cheerful and pleasant.  Occasionally people mistook him to be the boss because of his manner.

Mr. Anderson admired the young man noting his diligent attention to detail.  Privately, he told his wife that given time Greyson will know more about the  business than he knows.  There were few people who truly understood authority as completely as Greyson. He promoted Greyson over a large division and watched as he brought a bunch of unhappy, angry people into a well performing team by respecting them.  Sales began to reach records.


Olivia had always been a key employee in the retail store of a large chain.  Her store manager, Sharon depended on her when she was not there.  When Sharon retired, Olivia was the obvious choice to take her place.  She had worked for Sharon for six years and watched the store grow year after year, but somewhere along the way, she had forgotten what made the store successful.  Sharon always treated her employees with respect and honor.  She kept everything light and was very fair with each of them.  Customers loved the atmosphere of the store.

Instead of continuing the practices Sharon had put in place, she hired a friend and made promises to her that took hours away from the other employees.  Customers didn’t like the new person.  The employees were miserable.  They tried to talk to Olivia, but she would not listen.  They called in the District Manager and Olivia ended up losing her job along with the friend that she had hired.

Today’s Lesson:


Both of the employees had been good at their jobs and their supervisors had appreciated them.  Both were chosen for promotion, but only Greyson understood what it took to lead others.  Respect is the key to leadership and it is born out of a servant mentality.  Olivia thought that now that she was the boss, she could do things the way she wanted, but it backfired.  There is always someone to oversee what you are doing.

The Ultimate Leader

Even Jesus Who is the ultimate mentor and authority, was unable to bring all twelve of his disciples to positions of leadership.

Judas betrayed him because he had his own idea of what Jesus should do and came to sad end.

Peter blustered and made mistakes, but he loved Jesus and he learned from his mistakes. Jesus trusted him to lead the Jewish people.

John trusted Jesus from the beginning.  He respected him and served him with an open heart.  He even called himself, the disciple that Jesus loved.  He wrote several books of the New Testament and was given the end time Revelation.  Jesus trusted him.

We learn that Jesus taught that ‘he who would be greatest among you, must be servant of all.’   All promotions comes from the Lord.  When you honor Him, He honors you.  So if you know that you have a call on your life, quit trying to make it happen and serve others with a whole heart.  Help them accomplish the things God has put on their heart.   In due time, you will be promoted by the Lord.


One Way – Only One Way

Patrick was suddenly aware of the beautiful woman with crystal blue eyes and chestnut-brown hair.  She was stunning.  She was gracious and approachable.  People seemed to enjoy her presence.  He wanted to win her but had no idea how to do it.  He decided to go out and win the hearts of other women.  He felt that somehow, in this manner, he would learn to win the heart of his loved one.  He became a man of some reputation leaving a trail of broken hearts across the city.  Finally, he felt he was ready.

He had studied about her and knew where she would be.  He arranged to be there and to meet her.  He used all of the methods he had used in winning the affections of the other women.  She looked at him with tears brimming in those crystal-clear blue eyes and said, “Patrick, I saw you long ago and loved you.  I have watched as you have pursued other women and it broke my heart.  Now you come to me with all your experience and it means nothing to me.  All I ever wanted was you.  The way to my heart was clear.  You had only to come to me and I would have received you and loved you.”

Patrick’s face showed his dismay.  “Do you mean that you have wanted me all this time?”  “Yes, I have longed for you.”  Patrick asked, “Is it too late?”  “Dear Patrick, since you have found that there is only one way to my heart and that is to come to me and accept my love, I freely give it and forgive you all your previous efforts. ”

Today’s Lesson:

This is the way of our great God. He has provided one way – only one way – into His Presence.  He sees us pursuing false gods and his heart breaks. He knows that the enemy of our souls wants us to believe that there is more than one way to Him.

There is only one way and it is through the shed blood of Jesus.  He is the Doorway to Father God.  He is the Way, the Truth and the Life.  No one comes to God, except through Jesus.

All we have to do is stop our self-effort and our self-focus and turn to Him.  He sent His only Son, Jesus, to pay the price for all of our sin.  He made it possible for any one of us, regardless of our past choices or beliefs, to come to Him.  The only qualification is that we accept what Jesus has done for us.  As we turn to Jesus, He provides us everything we need for life and godliness.  He loves us and wants to spend time with us.  He wants us to fall in love with Him and fulfill our destiny.

He knew that we needed Him and so He didn’t make it complicated.  He didn’t give a different way to one group of people and another way to another group.  He knew it needed to be simple and so He provided only one way.

The enemy likes to bring doubt and confusion.  He wants us to question everything.  Satan’s desire is to keep us off-balance and away from the One Way, Jesus.  He wants you to think Jesus is just an enlightened teacher or a prophet, but He doesn’t want you to know Him and the power of His blood.  But Jesus is not enlightened – He is the Light!  Jesus is not just a prophet – He is King of Kings and the Lord of lords!  Jesus said, “If you have seen me, you have seen the Father.”  He is God!!!

Today, He is inviting you to come to Him.  He is waiting.  Just tell Him that you want to know Him and ask Him to make Himself real to you.  I assure you that He will.