What is the Name of the Wall Between You and God?

A young man was coming for prayer and ministry regularly.  His heart was hard and though he obviously was seeking, he couldn’t get passed the barrier that He had put up against the Lord.  We loved him faithfully for more than a year.

When the focus of our lives is ‘all about me,’ we are living in the pride of life.  Pride gets in the way.  It can be bad.  It will take you to a wall and once you hit it, the only recovery is to deal with it through Christ and confession leading to humility and then the wall will come down.

One day the young man texted pastor and it read, “Is the wall that I struggle with pride?”  He shot back, “It always is.”

When we are in pride, we resist the truth that is trying to set us free.  Father God will give us many opportunities to walk in humility.  If we keep resisting, He steps back from haughtiness.

Today’s lesson:  Die to your will and give God your future and your life.  Always remember how to kill pride because the old man will continually try to bring you back to the wall.  That is where he is comfortable.  We had a whole life of living any way we wanted and now we are releasing that and God is taking charge of areas that each of us had been running.

When we stay in sin, our old man commands us and we obey; thereby keeping others from coming to know Jesus.  ‘How is that?’ you ask.  When we walk in the ways of our soul man, the devil laughs.  The reason is that he is keeping us from walking in God’s ways.  He knows that when we do God’s will, we show others the goodness of God and that leads men to repentance.  Rom 2:4, 1 Pet 2:9

Everyone who is not born-again is dead.  Yes, they breathe, eat, sleep, and work but they are dead spiritually.  When we are born-from-above, we come alive spiritually.  Our soulish man still argues with us.  He wants to sin.  He has had a lot of practice and has become quite good at it.

Until we are washed by the water of the Word (Jesus) and the Spirit, we do not enjoy the many benefits we have in God.  ‘It is for freedom that Christ set us free,’ Gal.5:1.  He set us free from the compulsion to sin and gave us the right to live in the Presence of God.  What do we find there?  In the Presence of God is fullness of joy!  Grace becomes like oxygen to us.  As we give grace to others, we breathe the Kingdom of God in and out.  Mercy is multiplied grace.  Compassion is God’s love poured out on those who don’t deserve it.  Not only that, but the retirement benefits are ‘out of this world!’

There is a river of life that flows out from the throne of God.  We are all wells and we get filled with life when we spend time in His Presence.  There is no death here.

We draw out the water of the river with our tongue.  Don’t clog your well with words of unbelief and condemnation.  Draw the water out with words of life gracing yourself and others.

Kill pride and keep the down the wall between you and the Lord.  Spend time in His Presence and joy will overtake you and others will see it and desire what you have.  God’s goodness to you will lead others to come to Him.